hacksaw ridge

STEP 1: Make sure you go read all of the materials in FINAL EXAM – MODULE 14 on the Home Canvas page. As state several times before, there are two documents: Introduction and Prompt, as well as Instructions and Rubric. Read them first, then go to step 2.

STEP 2: WATCH YOUR MOVIE/TV SHOW as early in the week as possible. Please do not wait until the last minute. That deadline of Tuesday May 5th at 12 pm noon is not flexible. No late work will be accepted. You will need to refer back to Class Materials to analyze your movie according to the Prompt questions and Rubric requirements, so (again) do not wait until the last minute.

STEP 3: WRITE YOUR ESSAY … again, make sure to read through the Module 14 Exam documents one more time or, better yet, print out those pages and have them on-hand for easy reference. They have everything you need to write your paper and PROPERLY CITE SOURCES from the class materials (Foner textbooks and lectures).