HCA 415- Week 2- Assignment 1

Please complete the worksheet on the second page. Document attached.

Part I:

  • Provide solid definitions of governmental agencies, quasi-government, non-government agencies. Please do not copy your definitions from a dictionary or any source. You must explain these in your own words. Copying will result in 0 points on this portion of your assignment.
  • Explain the difference between public health and medical services.

Part II:

INSTRUCTIONS: Complete the chart below. In each box in column 1, you need to select four public health concerns from the list below. Your task is to find health-related organizations/agencies and a link to their website that address these issues at three distinct levels:

1) Governmental Agencies (column B)

2) Quasi-Government Agencies (column C)

3) Non-Governmental Agencies (column D).

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