Health Change Paper 1

This is a an 800-1000 word paper in which you will (1) present the behavior changes that are most likely to improve your short and long-term health, (2) write about the reasons why you might want to and not want to engage in each behavior, and (3) design a plan for adopting the behavior change that you can make and follow that plan for at least 21 days. Goals should be brief, specific, and measurable. BENEFIT OF GOAL. The paper describes two ways the health change will benefit short-term health and at least two ways it will benefit long-term health. BARRIERS. Describe at least three potential barriers to the health change behaviors and potential ways to overcome each barrier. DETAILED A detailed plan is laid out for how the behavior will change over 21 days. The plan must be detailed and span at least 21 days. This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeSPECIFIC. The behavior change is specific. For example, if you say you want to increase your exercise, did you say what exercises you want to change, how many days a week, how many minutes per day, etc? MEASURABLE. Is the behavior something that can be measured? Did you describe how you will measure your behavior change (e.g. steps taken, minutes exercised, ounces of water consumed, etc.)?