hello i need a 12 13 page paper

You can choose either one of the following 2 topics to do your paper on:

1. The Collapse of Enron


2. The Subprime Mortgage Crisis of 2007-2008 (I decided to make this specifically about the subprime mortgage crisis vs the broader great recession economic crisis of 2007-2008)

Your research paper should generally go as follows:

1. Background of what happened.

2. What caused the subprime mortgage crisis /collapse of Enron?

3. What party(ies) (aka individuals, companies/firms, government agencies) were responsible for causing the subprime mortgage crisis / collapse of Enron?

4. What ethical misconduct did these individuals and/or entities engage in that caused the subprime mortgage crisis/ collapse of Enron?

5. How could the subprime mortgage crisis/ collapse of Enron been prevented and how can a similiar catastrophe be prevented in the future?

If you choose the subprime mortgage topic a really good movie to watch is ‘Too Big Too Fail’. If you choose Enron, a really good movie to watch is ‘Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room.’ These movies are also based on books which you could read instead and use as reference. Inside Job and The Big Short are also good movies about the subprime crisis as well. The Crooked E is another good movie about the fall of Enron.

I will be taking proper work citation heavily into account. Make sure you cite properly.

Double spaced. Times New Roman 12-Font. Normal margins (Word default setting)

12-13 pages would be enough.