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Earth Day 50th anniv

This assignment has a soft due date of Earth Day, which is WEDNESDAY, April 22nd. However, the FIRM deadline is Sunday, April 26, 2020 at 11:59 pm EST. Assignments that are not received by Sunday, April 26, 2020 at 11:59 pm EST will receive a grade of “0” (zero) points. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS FIRM DEADLINE.

This assignment is worth 5% of your grade in CHEM 1.

The assignment:

1. Review the information on Climate Change from Lesson Nine: Combustion Reactions and Climate Change

2. Read the short summaries of WEATHER and CLIMATE to understand the difference between the two (Links to an external site.).

3. Watch this video explaining “Carbon Footprint”:

4. Read about the Household Carbon Footprint Calculator (Links to an external site.)

5. Calculate your household’s carbon footprint using the Household Carbon Footprint Calculator (Links to an external site.)

5. In 6-10 slide PowerPoint* presentation entitled “My Household’s Carbon Footprint” or perhaps something a little more creative than this:

a. Provide some information about “your household”. How many people live in your home, approximate size of your home in terms of square footage or number of bedrooms, etc. Be specific. You are welcome to include photos!

b. Give the results from your calculator for your household’s estimated carbon footprint in pounds (lbs) of carbon dioxide. Include the U.S. average for carbon dioxide emissions.

c. How does your household’s emissions compare to the U.S. average? Make sure all numbers have a unit with them!

d. Go back into the calculator and re-do it, keeping track of

1) planned actions that you take this time in attempt to reduce your household’s carbon dioxide emissions


2) things that you are doing now due to covid-19* that are affecting your carbon dioxide emissions. For example, I personally am not driving about 60+ miles each day now and am interested in how this is impacting my household’s CO2

*There is evidence that, as a positive and unintended consequence, greenhouse gas emissions have fallen (Links to an external site.) across continents as countries try to contain the spread of the new coronavirus.

e. What is your household’s estimated carbon footprint in pound (lbs) of carbon dioxide now?

f. By how many pounds of carbon dioxide did your household’s emissions decrease?

g. Summarize the actions that you chose to take the 2nd time through the calculator.

*Your household’s carbon footprint may have gone down, but are all of the actions that you chose reasonable for you to do/to continue to do? Explain.

*Why were these actions reasonable for your family or why weren’t they? Explain.

h. Include at least one action that your household could reasonably do that would decrease your household’s carbon dioxide emissions that was not included in the calculator. (Think about the examples from the video that you watched on “Carbon Footprint”.)

i. Summarize your results for this activity and what you learned by completing it.


  • Make sure you have included a – i (see above) before submitting this assignment! Each is worth 10 points on this assignment.
  • I will be grading your PowerPoint by going through your slides and reading them. You will not be there to “fill in the blanks” or explain your slides, as you would if you were giving this as a presentation, so make sure to include everything that you need to say without using too many words!

-Use bullet points, photos, graphs, etc. to communicate your information.


Be creative!

-Test your presentation by having a roommate, friend, or family member go over it before you submit it. What questions do they have after going through your slides? What corrections should you make?

  • The first slide should include the following: the title or your presentation, your name, CHEM 1, SP20, date. See the example below:

Example of first slide

*As an enrolled Penn State student you have free access to video tutorials on where you can learn how to use PowerPoint and much more!

Learn how to prepare your PowerPoint Presentation:

  • Click on (Links to an external site.)
  • Login with your Penn State user ID and password
  • Search for Power Point Training** in the search box
  • Browse the series of video tutorials
  • Target what you need to know
  • Experiment with something fun

**HINT! You may need to explore other training tutorials if you are using a MAC, Office 365, PowerPoint 2010, etc. If so… Use effective search terms in the search box. For example: “Office 365” and PowerPoint

To submit your assignment:

1. Save your assignment as EarthDay_your last name. The name of my file would be EarthDay_Shaffer

2. Click on the blue “Submit Assignment” button on the top right of this page.

3. Click the “Browse” button in the “File Upload” box that appears at the bottom of the page.

4. Choose your file and click “Open.”

5. Click the blue “Submit Assignment” button in the “File Upload” box.

This assignment is worth 100 points and 5% of your grade for CHEM 1:

10 points for following the directions above, AND for grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc.

90 points – each of the parts of the paper (see a – i above) is worth 10 points


100 points total

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