help me writing homework 2

1) Recall a recent situation (most likely prior to shelter-in-place) with a friend, significant other, or relative where you think there may have been multiple interpretations of their behavior. For instance, a family member might have been distracted the last time you chatted, a friend could have sent a text message that was too short, or a significant other may have seemed angry over an issue.

2) Construct/develop a perception check of the situation (an actual statement you could say to someone). For example:

“While we were out for coffee yesterday, I noticed that you kept checking your phone (behavior description). I am not sure if you were expecting an important call or text (interpretation #1), or if I was simply talking for too long (interpretation #2). Can you let me know what was going on (request for clarification)?

3) IF POSSIBLE: Connect with the person and try out your perception check statement.

(Expected word count = approximately 300 words)