help needed with coarse work i need 500 600 words about a health institution that process electronic medical records of a patients i need list of privacy policy statements please see the full requirement below

company name: myelectrichealth

myelectrichealth is an organization maintains electronic medical records requires policy statement.

Policy Statements

Policy 1.1 Policy Statement Section Overview

This is where you organize and list each applicable privacy policy statement. These are the rules that govern your company’s actions, and those of your staff. You need to determine an organization schema. Look around online to find examples of a useful style. Or, you may choose to use your current workplace documentation as a go-by.

Policy 1.2 Policy Statements Contents

The contents of these policies should contain at least the following features:

  • The policy, itself, such as “Reasonable Expectation of Privacy for Employees.”
  • The laws, regulations, or standards that relate to the policy at issue.
  • An example, when applicable, that helps your audience understand the policy.
  • Directions on how to effect the policy. For example, if your company processes payments by credit or debit cards, and your policy is something like “Anyone who processes payments via payment cards must conform their actions to PCI DSS standards related to privacy.” then you may want to insert a link to those standards. Or, perhaps, incorporate examples as mentioned directly above.

This list is not exhaustive. Depending on the set of facts, you may need to include more.