high voltage technology and condition monitoring 1

high voltage technology and condition monitoring 1.

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The review should clearly/appropriate have the following sections/writeup: (Answer the following points based on attachment named “Partial Discharge Detect”.

1. Title and Author of paper

2. Summary of the paper

3. Relevance of the paper with the subject

4. Methodology used by the author

5.Your comments on the Results/analysis obtained by the author in the paper (your novel thinking-based comments) Strengths of the paper

6. Weaknesses of the paper (It means: disadvantage/not good/dangerous / problems associated with techniques)

Any gap areas spotted (How to overcome the disadvantages or weakness of the paper)

7. List references, if you refer to any other document for the reviewing. [Better take 15-20 papers and list].

Question 1:

To answer Question 1, refer to attachment named “Question 1 Paper1”.

SENARIO: As a research student provide the insulation levels of system equipment and rating of the surge arresters considered by various utilities for EHV 400kV Transmission.

Q.1 The comparison with the protection levels of the arresters shows that the improved/modern system protection against lightning and switching surges is attainable using certain schemes. (500 words)

Question 2:

To answer Question 2, refer to attachment named “Question 2 Paper2”.

SENARIO-2: As a high voltage technology researcher use link to see the Impulse testing systems are designed to generate impulse voltages that simulate lightning strikes and switching surges. The complete test system consists of a charging rectifier, impulse stages according to the “Marx Circuit”, an impulse voltage divider and impulse voltage measurement system. The applications are defined by I-E-C, ANSI/IEEE and other national standards.

Impulse Test Sets are also available as current impulse generators used primarily for surge arrestor testing. HV TECHNOLOGIES, Inc. has a long tradition of supplying impulse generator for HV applications as well as impulse test systems for the EMC and avionics, military industries. https://hvtechnologies.com/hv-equipment/impulse-testing provide the answer:

Q2. Sketch (by hand) and describe the principle behind the multistage(n-stage) of high voltage and current generation (500 words)

Question 3:

To answer Question 3, refer to attachment named “Question 3 Paper3”.

SENARIO 3: Assets management is composed of number of stages, power apparatus information management and monitoring, risk assessment, and various visualization for diagnostic result. In the first, the operator registers the power apparatus’s information, manages its maintenance history, and monitors its status information.

Q3. Sketch a substation at [ for example 11/33kV or 11/66kV or 33/132kV or any other type] generation side or transmission side or distribution diagram (by hand) and describe the any assets management techniques. (500 words)

*** Words count = minimum 2000 words.

*** In-Text Citations and references using Harvard style.

*** Note that: Question 2 and Question 3 has “Hand sketch”.

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high voltage technology and condition monitoring 1