hist 111 american history from 1877 to present

1. Make sure you provide direct examples from each book to support your answers. Include page numbers after specific examples used. (Larson, 290). A parenthetical reference is used at the end of the sentence. I am looking usually for at least one page reference per answer. One of the goals of this assignment is having students cite when necessary in their answer..

Remember that citations are needed for direct quotes, statistics, indirect paraphrased portions of the text and non-common information.

2. The key to doing well on the worksheets is not writing what the author wrote but instead answering the question in your words and using references and quotes from the author’s book to illustrate and strengthen your answer.

3. Best answers tend to be about 4 sentences long and I recommend limiting the amount of quotes that you use to 1 or 2 at the most.