hist130 personal reflection black power

Watch the three videos linked below about the Black Panther Party. The first video gives a general history about the Panthers and Black Power in general. The second video talks about all community building efforts made by the Panthers during their existence, with a focus on how the Party influenced health care in the United States. The last video tells the story how COINTELPRO infiltrated the Black Panther Party and, in 1969, arranged for the assassination of Fred Hampton, a 21 year old Panther in Chicago.

#1 – The Dawn of Black Power (10 minutes)


#2 – What You Don’t Know About the Black Panthers (10 minutes)


#3 – The FBI and Chicago Police Murder Fred Hampton (5 minutes)


The history of the FBI and the Black Panthers is hard history for sure. The government of the United States is not supposed to spy on its own people, much less terrorize and murder them. Your job is to explain in writing who were the Black Panthers really, and why did the FBI do what it did. You must use evidence from the three videos, and you can note which video you are referring to by using their numbers (1, 2, or 3).

There are no formatting instructions, and no word count minimum or maximum.