Historical Emergence of the Region

The final presentation should answer the following questions: 1) Historical Emergence of the Region  Define the geographic region  How has this region developed (e.g. population growth, demographic change)?  What historical policy issues did the region face during its period of development?  How have definitions of the region changed in the last 10, 50, and 100 years? 2) Current Context • Provide statistics on the current state of the region  Provide demographic, employment, governance and financial statistics?  What are some current approaches being taken to address regional policy issues and problems? 3) Role of Institutions  What role do institutions (economy, government, educational system, family, religion etc…) play in the development and governance of the region?  Who are the key institutions in the region How do these specific institutions impact regional development? 4) Future  What are the major issues challenging the region in the next 10 years? 25 years? 100 years? What impact will these challenges have on the region’s communities, institutions and residents? 5) Potential Solutions  Given the context of the emergence of the region, the role of institutions, and the future trends, what policies and/or governing structures might we as a society begin to implement in the region?  Solutions may address any type of action, including, for example, policy/government action, social movement activity, individual resistance, and/or professional organizing *Length: 30-35 PowerPoint slides WITH notes* Other Requirements:  APA Citations REQUIRED  11-12 Point Font  1 inch margins