History and Theory of Architecture Stylistic and formalist analysis of Charles Barry, Athenaeum, Princess Street

History and Theory of Architecture Stylistic and formalist analysis of Charles Barry, Athenaeum, Princess Street, 1836-37. Academic Level : Bachelor Paper details Dear Writer i would like to use straight and simple words for this essay i wouldn’t like to use more strong words you can use some strong word but not too much thank you. i will attched file that contain my photography of this building its my own pictures and about the question down we dont have to answer them all just what we found on the internet and book research we have to answer please try to add a least 3 books in my Bibliography and cites everything please. thank you.. you can read the Guide brief now. Stylistic and formalist analysis of Charles Barry, Athenaeum, Princess Street, 1836-37. You are required to contextualize, describe and analyze a historic building. The analysis must focus on a particular aspect of the building: 1. Stylistic and Formalist Analysis Short essay should be 800 words long (excluding bibliography and image source list) and discuss a building in Manchester. You are also required to take your own photographs AND prepare at least one hand drawing of an element that is specific to your analysis, that represents an aspect of the style, material/structure or that relates to the past socio-economic context of the building (this could be, for example, a coat of arms, a sculpture, or ornament). Guide to writing the analysis Introduction and description (c100 words) The introductory paragraphs should briefly describe the building. They should provide general information about the architect, client and the significance of the building. Important details like relevant dates and the architectural style are also part of the introductory paragraph. It should also include a statement that clarifies what the whole essay is about. Consider these points (not necessarily in this order) • Facts about the building (who, when, where, what, why?) • Purpose of the building. • Content statement: Explain what the essay is about. This is dependent on the type of analysis that you are asked to write. Explain the intention of the essay and its general direction. Description (c250 words) Each student is required to write about the building in a particular way – to undertake a different analysis. This assignment is designed to help in writing and arguing towards a particular goal and with a particular interest in mind. The different types of analysis require different literature to be read. The following paragraphs help focus on the appropriate analysis so that you can read the literature critically and in a goal-oriented way. The first step should always be to briefly describe the building. Begin with general features (e.g. height, form, massing, bays, storeys, orientation on the site, construction, materials etc.). Then, describe each feature in more detail (type of roof and windows, location of porches, trims, chimneys etc.). When describing the façade note the location of the entrance, position of windows, note if the façade allows the internal organization to be read, explain rhythms and correlations between parts. Move from larger elements to the details. Make sure you use the correct terminology. Once you have read literature about your topic, rework the description and focus on the elements that are important for your purpose.