history140 black latin america

Lecture: Black Latin America.

Read the article: Rebels and Revolutionaries.


View the Film: Black in Latin America The Roots

of Division


and answer the following questions.

1- How long has Haiti and the Dominican Republic shared the island of Espanola?

2- Merengue is a style of music that represents the fusing of what types of cultures?

3- What does the term Indio mean in the country of Santo Domingo today?

4- Haiti won its independence in 1804 and occupied Santo Domingo in 1822. How would this

occupation impact the Dominican Republic?

5- Why do Dominican Republic heroes tend to be represented as being more white than black?

6- What was the United States doing in the Dominican Republic during the 20



7- Why would Haitian people migrate to the Dominican Republic?

8- How do Dominican people view the Haitians?

9- What was Dominican president Trujillo’s view on Haitians, and how did they represent an

antithesis of what Trujillo sought to achieve for the Dominican Republic?

10- What skin color are Haiti’s national heroes?

11- What African cultures influenced Haitian culture?

12- What colonial power ruled over Haiti in the 1600’s?

13- How many Africans entered Haiti during the slave trade and why is this significant when

compared with the United States?

14- Haiti’s economy during colonial times was based on what crop?

15- What is Voodoo and how is this religion central to Haitian culture?

16- What role did the Voodoo religion play in Haitian’s struggle for independence against their

white colonial masters?






Instructor: Henry L’Esprance Alvarez.

17- What were Haitian people afraid of once they became independent, and what did they do to

confront any threat to their sovereignty?

18- What would Haitians do in order to eradicate any colonial economic, political and social

structures imposed by the French?

19- How would Thomas Jefferson view the newly independent Haitian republic?

20- Why did Americans invade Haiti in the early 1900’s? And how does this invasion represent a

re-colonization of the country by the United States?

21- Why would the United States support dictatorships in Haiti and the Dominican Republic

during the early part of the 20