Homer and Hesiod.

Homer and Hesiod. Compare Homer and Hesiod, highlighting relevant similarities and differences in their respective mythologies. Format Each essay must be formatted according to the following specifications: Minimum 2-pages, maximum 4-pages Typed Double-spaced 12-point plain font, 1 1/4 inch margins (or default settings) Stapled in upper left-hand corner (no folders, covers, cover sheets, etc.) Name and Essay Assignment Number only in upper-right corner of each page Title for essay Content Each essay must include the following: State a thesis and provide support (evidence, reasons) for that claim In the comparison essay provide One (1) quotation from the text for each of the items being compared, for a total of Two (2) quotes. Quotations from the text must be directly relevant to the essay’s argumentation Text: The Great Conversation.

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