Housekeeping.Continued Housekeeping.Continued Best Practices 1. What do Inspectors do? 2. How many rooms does each room attendant clean per day? 3. What do Housemen stock? 4. Who checks the rooms after they are cleaned? 5. Do the room attendants work in teams? 6. What happens when a housekeeper finds something in the room after the guest has checked~out? 7. What are the duties performed during a typical day? Week? Month? Year? 8. How does the laundry schedule affect par linen? 9. What do you need to know about storing linen? 10. Where are rollaway and cribs kept? 11. What is the training you currently use for security and entering a guest room? 12. How many turns of linen or par stock should a hotel have? Rooms Divisionflousekeeping The key to a successful Housekeeping Department is Consistency. and as a Housekeeper it is yourjob to ens exists. We expect the Hotel to be perfectly clean and well-maintained at all times. so that we have the best opp rooms and facilities to potential guests. Industry Terminology 1. What is par inventory? 2. What is on a housekeeper’s cart? 3. Who stocks the housekeeper’s cart? Is it done at the end-of-the shift or at the beginning of the shift? 4. Who stocks the linen closet? 5. Where is the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) kept? 6. Do you play Safety Bingo? 7. What is a house set-up? 8. Turn Down service.

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