How did Benito Juarez differ from Guadalupe Victoria and Porfirio Diaz

Thesis- How did Benito Juarez differ from Guadalupe Victoria and Porfiro Diaz?
(Benito Juarez)Early Life of Benito Juarez in Mexico, date of birth and spouses- Benito Juarez’s Career- Benito Juarez’s 1867 Presidential Campaign Issues, Society’s Religion and How Benito Juarez destroyed the economic basis of its political power, include La Ley Juarez and how Benito Jaurez have a clear vision and firm hand to lead Mexico to a good position.

(Guadalupe Victoria) Short Early Life of Guadalupe Victoria Guadalupe includeBirth/places and family, Guadalupe Victoria’s career Should include military background. Guadalupe Victoria’s 1824 Presidential Campaign Issues, Guadalupe Victoria was inexperienced being the first President of Mexico, he made little progress and the economy was in shamble.

(Porfirio Diaz) Short early life of Porfirio Diaz, should include birth/place and family. Guadalupe’s career should include his military background. Porfirio Diaz’s 1876 Presidential Campaign Issues with society, he was a dictator!

Conclusion- should include the reason why Benito Juarez differed from Guadalupe Victoria and Porfirio Diaz.
•Family ties
•Background: no military background
•How Benito Juarez helped Mexico unlike Guadalupe Victoria and Porfiro Diaz

*Make sure there are sources after each paragraph& there should be about 16 paragraphs because of the word count! Thank you!

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