How should police agencies treat prior drug use in the hiring process

Paper InstructionsFormat: APA, including a face page, abstract, and reference page with in-text citations. Style: Research paper. Make sure you use k) high quality resources to support your opinions.Sources: A minimum of three high quality resources. This is not a report, rather a research paper. FOR EXAMPLE,If the topic selected was “police K9’s” a below average paper would talk about selection, training, bark and hold vs. bark and bite. Can you see how this is a report on police dogs? A higher scoring paper might focus civil liability for agencies when K9s are deployed. The social impact of using police K9’s as force tools or the impact on the community of using police dogs and how departments try to mitigate community pushback. Can you see how this is more in line with a research paper? This should include the face page, in-text citations and the reference page. This is a full draft so don’t forget the narrative Things to consider on my topic when writing: A couple issues to think about, changing legal landscape, but how about whether interactions with others while using (remember some marijuana is still illegal as well as meth). Once you bring a person with a propensity to use do you accept the worker’s comp claims that come with addiction? Alcoholism is fairly prevalent in police work for a variety of reasons. It is a work comp issue when a person becomes disabled. Is the overall issue that the person used substances? Or is it that there was a point in person’s life where they simply ignored the law? What is the best predictor of future behavior? Past performance.