How the fitness industry uses social media platforms and the impact on consumer’s purchase behaviour in the last 10 years


The paper must be 2000 words, it has to be written in the structure such as the example provided below in the attached file. we have to speak with the writer assigned to me about the investigation. ” You will need to focus your investigation – provide me with your three objectives and research questions.” So we will have to work on focusing the investigation topic first and the 3 objectives/research questions and then the writing can start. Also I need a full harvard reference list of the sources which must be reliable from places such as scopus/emerald/sciencedirect and trusted  journals mostly and very very reliable websites. We are not allowed to provide random websites as the grade might decrease significantly. I would like my paper to focus on the fitness industry and how it evolved in the last 10 years, how the social media platforms have started to make an impact and what is the impact on the consumer’s purchase behaviour. (I am open to better suggestions as well but I know that I want my work to be focused on the fitness industry/social media platforms/ consumers purchase behaviour and to tackle all these elements) More to be discussed with my writer.