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Decision-Making Tool Matrix: For the first step in creating your matrix, you will identify tools based on the critical decisions provided by the executive director. To begin, review the critical decisions, and choose tools that might be used to inform decision making in each of the relevant functional areas. As you identify these tools, be sure to select a variety of data and technology tools, to provide the Exotic PetSavr employees and partners with options. Add these tools to your matrix.

Determination: Now that you have identified the tools, you will determine a rating for each tool or technology by determining the tool’s relevance to the scenarios. Because many of the employees and partners are in need of business training, they need more information about the justification for 10 of your evaluations. Thus, once your matrix is complete, choose 10 individual evaluations (cells in the matrix) that might be useful to explain to the organizational member. You should include the following in your determination:

  • Describe the process and output of each tool regarding decision making. This familiarizes the PetSavrs with the tools themselves.
  • Determine the rating of each tool in the matrix by determining the relevance of the tool to each scenario.
  • Be sure to justify each evaluation.
    • Include all tools incorporated into the matrix and all critical issues at least once. Remember, the PetSavrs need to be able to fully understand your work.
    • Include all ratings so the Exotic PetSavr employees and partners can understand your full thought process.
      • Indicate whether each tool is not applicable (n/a), good, or great in relation to each scenario. Keep in mind the businesspeople may need to purchase or be trained in these, so make sure your evaluation is accurate!
    • Each bullet should include a brief justification for its evaluation. This way the PetSavrs can learn about your thinking in a way that promotes their own understanding of the tools and issues.