How to Write a Research Paper on Gambling Addiction

How to Write a Research Paper on Gambling Addiction


Recently, academic institutions are testing current issues affecting the society. One such assignment is  how to write a research paper on gambling addiction.


The society is acknowledging gambling as days pass by. Some people view it as a form of recreation since they find it harmless and enjoyable activity. However, a few have become addicted to gambling and have suffered severe negative consequences. This has made gambling a sensitive issue in the society with the debate whether it’s good or not. Let’s look at how to write a research paper on gambling addiction.


Gambling Research Paper Topics


A topic determines the entire discussion. It is the guideline of how you can raise facts or arguments. While writing a research paper on gambling addiction, don’t go for the obvious. Think outside the box and get a unique topic to discuss.  Most people are likely to write about the problems associated with gambling addiction. It will make the reader find your work uncreative and boring. Write about something like how do gambling companies lure customers to addiction or how has the internet contributed to gambling addiction. The more thrilling a topic is, the more a lecturer or a professor gets motivated to read your work. Consequently, write about what doesn’t seem too obvious. You can get ideas of exceptional topics by going through topics written before and distinguish the common and the exclusive ones.


Gambling Introduction


The introduction is a vital paragraph in an essay. When writing about gambling, in the introduction introduce your reader to the gambling world. Assume they have no idea of what gambling is or how it is conducted. Consequently,  for them to understand your gambling content you need to make them comprehend what gambling is, what doesn’t it take to be a gambler and is it productive in any way to the gamble. The introduction will determine on the topic of how you are discussing. For instance, if writing a research paper on gambling addiction, you can write about what addiction is, how people get addicted to gambling and its effects on them and their families.  Take time when writing the introduction because it can either encourage someone to read your work or discourage them.


Gambling Essay Conclusion


The conclusion is also important. It is the point you sum up your discussion and ensure your vital and robust points are well said. It’s the last chance you have to convince the reader that your argument makes sense. You don’t have to introduce new aspects in conclusion. Instead, stress on the points you have written on the body and make them more credible. Moreover, you can address points you may have underlooked, and they are essential. The conclusion is like a summary and the final chance you have to please the examiner.


Negative Effects of Gambling Essay


When addressing negative gambling effects, you have to focus on what has the most devastating impact on the society and what has affected the majority. Focus not only personal effects, but also on general effects. For instance, explain that gambling addiction can make a father drain all his finances with a fantasy of winning millions at the expense of his family. As a result, the kids are out his school, and the entire family can’t keep up with bills. Such an explanation will make the reader see that gambling doesn’t only affect individuals, but it also affects families and the entire society. Make the effects appear emotional, devastating and sensitive as possible. When you connect with the reader’s emotions, you will earn marks.


Youth and Gambling


Gambling is no longer the trait for the old and wearily. It is also a coming uptrend for the youth. This is because of some view as the quickest way to get riches and wealth. Unfortunately, only a meager percent succeed. The rest is left distraught and depressed. They keep on trying hoping that they will get lucky but with no time they get addicted.  When writing a research paper on gambling addiction, talk about how it has affected the younger generation. It will make the supervisor see that you have conducted significant research.


Gambling Addiction


You are addicted to something when you can’t do without it. In gambling, you get addicted when you give up all your resources to gamble. In worse cases, some people borrow money so that they can gamble with the hope they will win and payback. Gambling can be addictive just like alcohol and drugs. Its addiction has upsetting effects like bankruptcy, emotional breakdown, divorce, depression, and alienation among other effects.


In summary, an assignment on a research paper on gambling addiction is common due to the increase of gambling adverse effects to the society, especially to the youth. It one paper you can easily earn good marks by writing a captivating introduction and an appealing conclusion. You can address issues like addiction and how it affects the society. More importantly, it’s a subject that you can easily communicate its effects through real-life examples hence impressing your supervisor.