apers must be 3 to 7 pages in length (text without references or appendices), be double spaced (paragraph style), use12 point font, and have one-inch margins. Separate title pages are optional but abstracts are required. They must be handed in before or immediately after the appropriate class (deductions for turning them in late); no electronic copies please. Please use an APA style with in-text citations and references at the end. Use a formal writing style and make sure the quality of writing is high. Emphasize research, facts, and analysis over opinion. Generally the examples required are (public) agencies; nonprofits may always be substituted; private companies should only be used when they are in addition to the minimum number of agencies required. Do not copy-and-paste more than a single sentence at a time and be absolutely positive to put it in quotation marks and cite it. Almost all assignments should begin with a short introduction (one paragraph up to one page) in which you make reference to some of the literature and frame the issue that you will examine. There is no minimum number of references and the appropriate number will vary by the assignment; acceptable papers will normally have at least a half dozen sources. Interviews are sources and should be cited in the paper and placed in the reference list, either integrated or separately listed as interviews. Many of the research assignments would be enhanced by an interview or two, and the interview assignments assume that you will have done a brief literature review (then noted in your introduction) prior to talking to people so that you are really on your toes. In many of the interview cases, you may use yourself as a source, but this must be because you have substantive expertise. For interviews, you must attach a listing of your question protocol or a description of your interview focus in an appendix. When you are comparing and contrasting examples, especially via internet searches, you should often have a tabular listing of comparisons in addition to description of your findings in the text. Descriptively label tables. Provide notes in tables where appropriate. Provide a descriptive title for papers with a footnote identifying the question that it addresses.

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