Human Impacts on the Environment”, with particular emphasis on the Biosphere

 Description Case Study – NEEDS TO BE AN ISSUE THAT HAS BEEN IN THE NEWS, IT CAN BE CURRENT OR HAPPENED IN THE LAST 5 YEARS. PARTICULAR ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUE IN THE LOCAL CONTEXT (RELATING TO A PARTICULAR PLACE. choose your own topic for your case study. The general theme is “Human Impacts on the Environment”, with particular emphasis on the Biosphere. In lectures, we have looked at some key environmental problems: global warming, acid rain, stratospheric ozone loss, urban air pollution, toxic wastes, depletion of fossil fuels, depletion and contamination of ground water, eutrophication, deforestation, soil erosion, salinisation, desertification, biodiversity depletion….. In your case study, you should examine a particular environmental problem in a ‘local’ context. You should discuss specific issues relevant to the local experience or issue, rather than give a general overview of a topic. (You may, of course, need to provide a brief background, however, the bulk of your presentation should be specifically on your case study.) “Local” in this instance means ‘relating to a particular place’, but not necessarily Victoria or Australia. Your case study must be one that has recently been reported in the news (the more current the better but at least in the last five years). At the start of your assignment you must give the link or reference to where this was reported (e.g ‘air pollution from local landfill a problem – The Age, 21st Dec 2016’) You might include in your case study: What is the problem you are considering? How does it impact on the local environment? What are the effects of this impact? What is being done to address the problem? How successful is this? What else might be done… Remember to reference your work appropriately and to include a bibliography, listing all sources consulted – whether explicitly referenced or not.