Human resource Assistance for Mike Family

Topic: Human resource Assistance for Mike Family Task: you are the newly appointed International Human Resource Resource Team for Coal Knight. Coal Knight is a mining company, presently only operating in Australia. The company is fun, fresh, energetic “ but professional. your company have recently decided to to expand to host country, by creating a new subsidiary. Your team have been allocated to support Mike, a staff member at your company with human resource assistance for Mike family.Mike will be allocating to Xianshin City of China. Mike was born in Australia, and has only ever lived in Australia. In fact, he has not even travelled overseas. Mike absolutely loves Australian Rules Football (AFL), and used to play when he was younger. Each Saturday, he enjoys having mates over for barbecue “ it has become a ritual for the family. Mike is married to Anastasia, who is a marketing manager in Australia, and hopes to find work in the host country. Anastasia loves cooking and thought that next year she might audition Masterchef “ her favourite TV show. Mike’s oldest daughter Grace is 17, and about to finish high school. She is a very mature young woman. She has strong political views, enjoys debating and plays the piano. She hopes to study medicine at university. Steve, Grace’s younger brother, is 15. He is very good at cricket and absolutely loved it! He’s not so good at his schoolwork, but he’s got a close group of friends and they encourage each other with their schoolwork. Meanwhile Mary (who is 13) enjoys dancing, chatting to her friends online (though Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and listening to Justin Bieber. Mike would like to know which Human Resource Assistance that will be providing for Mike Family. Also, he is particularly interested to know if the company will be utilising TCNs. And, and what differences or concerns are expected between PCNs, HCNs and TCNs at the new overseas subsidiary. Important Notes: 1. The order must be written in presentation/speech. 2. you must specify and discuss the Human Resource assistance for Mike family ( Human Resource Assistance for Mike Family). 3. Please, use the signposts and transitions signals. 4. You must make at least 2 tables or graphs. 5. The references must be electronic academic journal articles with links ( hard copy references are not acceptable).

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