Human Resource Management homework

Project Charter Templates :

   ·Research a minimum of two project charter templates from a variety of

      sources, evaluate at least two project charter templates and describe

      what you did or did not like about each. Include the website URL

      where each template was found. Be sure to discuss what value you

      think the charter would bring to a project

   ·Assess which of the two would be more useful and explain why.

Stakeholder Involvement Please respond to the following:

   ·Justify the influence of stakeholders in the project management plan

      and their role in communication planning. Anticipate the issues that

      will arrive in the event of limited stakeholder involvement and how

      you would overcome these obstacles.

Video: More People Turning to Telecommuting Please respond to the


   ·Compare and contrast the communication methods used to manage a

      virtual team as opposed to a face-to-face team. Also, discuss the

      challenges of communication often faced with each type of team.

   ·Support your comparison with a personal project (formal or informal)

      and apply your experience with communication during the project to

      justify your opinion.

Work Breakdown Please respond to the following:

   ·From the e-Activity, justify which work breakdown structure you

      prefer with supporting reasons.

   ·Give an example of when a project would not need a WBS.

Development of Inventory System Project Please respond to the following:

   ·Critique the WBS created by the private company.

   ·Recommend three or four alterations you would make to the WBS and


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