human resources and change online and to

Human Resources and Change – Online and TO

This is a group assignment and were all assigned a question. I have provided my question below that needs answering.

The major responsibilities of human resources management (HRM) are attracting, developing, and maintaining a quality workforce. Research an organization, with which you are familiar, that is in need of a change and present how you will manage the change process by incorporating the three essential duties of HRM.

Organization chosen is Uber

Question to answer:

Provide an overview of the organization you have chosen including three subsystems of the organization, three stakeholders of the organization, and the reason for selecting this organization.

The information is going on PowerPoint slides, I DO NOT need you to do the PowerPoint you can answer the questions on a word document.

I want to have break the question down to have 3 slides

1st slide – Provide overview of the organization you have chosen & reason for selecting this organization

2nd slide – Three subsystems of the organization w/ brief info explaining them

3rd slide – – Three stakeholders of the organization w/ brief info explain them

But again you can put the info on a word document because I will do my slides. I need at least reference and once you choose 3 subsystems and 3 stakeholders update me with that info immediately as the other group members need that info to start working their questions.