i have 5 american government essay questions that i need help with book is a free download americangovernment 2e by glen krutz

1. Public opinion is ostensibly important in a representative democracy. Define public opinion and explain its importance. Discuss how public opinion is measured. Explain the potential problems with public opinion polls.

2. Political scientists study political socialization as an attempt to understand the process of forming one’s political identity. Define political socialization. Identify the agents of political socialization. Describe one of the agents of political socialization in detail.

3. Political ideology provides individuals with a way to orient themselves in a political system. Identify the political ideologies discussed in the textbook. Explain the two dominant ideologies in the United States. Where are these ideologies on the political spectrum?

4. Voter turnout in the United States is comparatively lower than other developed democracies across the globe. Explain the factors that lead to lower voter turnout rates. Based on this explanation, what could the United States do to increase voter turnout? Do you think the US should adopt these measures? Why or why not?

5. The United States employs a private system of campaign financing, relying on individuals and groups to provide funds to candidates running for office. Discuss the laws that Congress has passed to contain this system and prevent corruption. Explain the Supreme Court’s rulings on these laws.