i have a reflection paper due tonight for my intro to womens studies class and i recently came down with the flu so im sorry for being so last minute

Reflection 1: You will write a guided reflection paper of 2-4 pages in which you formulate a response to specific ideas from the first half of class. You will define and explain the concepts in your own words then include personal reflections centering around your own life experiences which apply to the class discussions/readings, as well. The goal is to engage the ideas of the class by relating to them to your own lived experiences, so you should connect your experience with specific ideas from the class readings.

Papers will be graded on 1) level of engagement, connection, and reflection; 2) understanding of materials; and 3) language, grammatical, documentation correctness. Papers will be turned in online via Canvas where the Instructor will make comments so students receive proper feedback.

Based on your chosen theme, briefly summarize the key points/theme conveyed by the authors about the topic and then give your response to the ideas raised. In your response paper think about interrogating the readings in some of the following ways:

ï‚· What are the underlying assumptions guiding the author/s discussion?

ï‚· What are the conclusions drawn by the author/s?

ï‚· What are the strengths and weaknesses of the arguments put forward by

the author/s?

ï‚· Do you agree or disagree with the position taken by the author/s?

ï‚· What other information might be important to know before making any

judgment on conclusions being drawn?

ï‚· What other conclusions are possible to draw from the same information?

ï‚· What questions remain unresolved in these readings that you would like to

see clarified and why?