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Use Case 11.1 at the end of Chapter 11: “Nest Labs”

Answer the following discussion questions in a 2-page document. Use APA style for punctuation and format. Business memo, single-spaced body with double space between paragraphs. Use subheadings to tell me which question the section is referring. Use proper sentence and paragraph structure with 8 to 20 words per sentence and 3 to 6 sentences per paragraph. Submit your paper on Blackboard in the assignment submission area.

  1. Critique Nest’s segmentation strategy, its selection of a target market, and its positioning strategy. To what degree are these elements of Nest’s market strategy complementary and effective?
  2. Describe Nest’s brand. In what ways does Nest practice brand management?
  3. Identify other “unloved” products in the home that Nest could convert into “loved” products and continue working toward its mission of creating a more thoughtful home.
  4. Of the challenges facing Nest, which one do you think is the most threatening? Explain your answer.

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