i need help in writing one page about a presentation

focus on describing the insights you gained during the presentation and how this newly acquired knowledge may affect your future career. Conversely, you are discouraged from summarizing the presentation. I am more interested in the knowledge YOU gained.


Last class we had a speaker His name is Joe Mialki, owner of Giuseppe’s Steel City Pizza restaurant. I this restaurant is a landmark. Giuseppe’s has grown dramatically over the last few years and even constructed a new building to accommodate the increasing clientele.Joe discussed his successes and challenges as a food entrepreneur.

First of all this restaurant is family business it started long time a go by Joe Maliki’s father and his brother .

the notes from the presentation:

– When Joe Maliki get involve in the business he found that one of the biggest problem is the partner which is his uncle .
– He said that biggest mistake his dad ever Made is bringing his uncle into the business as partner because his vision was not his dad Vision the business never meant to be his uncle business . This business Is good for Joe Mialki and his father because they share the same vision .
– because of that Joe Mialki decide to buy his uncle out of the business .
– When his father finally invited Joe Maliki to work with him he took the chance and started , he stated from the bottom he clean the floor and washed the dishes tis obvious that he loves what he do he loves his job !
– He said that “ whatever you going to do be a valet a car or making Cokes you have to be the best at what You are doing and understand the aspect of your bussinees.
– The employees noticed that he is cleaning the floor and washing the dishes.
– Everyone know that his loving his job and god at it
– Every year he make a goal . Like doing the pizza the same exact thing he did
– He talk about living the dream and said do not live the dream , you should have passion and chasing the dream . Because as soon you are living it you gonna start fall .
– One things really matter is respect .with employee you have to earn the respect and the second you demand it .
– Loyalty to your self is matter no friend in the business .
– We learned that running a successful restaurant requires a lot of work and dedication. Through his presentation, it is evident that Joe’s number one priority is his business.

– One things really matter is respect .with employee you have to earn the respect and the second you earn in it you demand it