i need to finish a online exam 3

Your final exam is set to begin at 9.00 am Atlantic daylight saving time on Thursday, 16 April 2020. Many of you will be writing the exam away from Halifax. It will be your responsibility to ensure you are online as per Atlantic time regardless of where you will be writing the exam. Sign on to BrightSpace around 8.45 am Atlantic time, and make certain you are comfortable and can focus on the exam when it becomes available.

You will be given 40 minutes to answer 30 multi-choice questions. A countdown clock will appear on the upper part of your screen. Questions will appear one at a time on your screen. Budget your time well. If you are struggling with a question, move on to the next question. Go back and try again with the question you had missed if you have time left at the end.

To access the exam:

1. Go to our course on Brightspace.

2. Click Assessments on the top navigation bar.

3. Click Quizzes on the dropdown menu.

4. Click Final Exam.

Good luck with your exam. Take good care of yourself and each other, and we will all be back here in the fall