i need to write a 600 word essay you must understand the content of alice s adventures in wonderland

Topics (choose one):

  1. Give an analysis of the role of nonsense. Find three arguments (places in the novel) where you find it.
  2. What is the importance/symbol of the white rabbit, list three things that he symbolizes, or choose one symbol in three areas of the novel.
  3. One theme of Alice is her size change – this also represents the change from childhood to adulthood. Where do we see Alice’s growth in this way? List three places.
  4. Where do we see symbols or threats of death / how are they portrayed (share three places).


  • Your outline should include your thesis, topic sentences and evidence (proof / places in the book) that support your argument
  • Remember that your main focus will be on your reasons for your answer to the question, not just giving a summary.Focus on the why.
  • Introduction must have: hook, background information, thesis, and three arguments
  • Your three body paragraphs must have three separate topic sentences linking to your three arguments (reasons).
  • Double spaced
  • Times new Roman, size 12, 600 words
  • Title page must be included
  • In-text citations must be used properly every time you take an example or an idea from the article provided
  • Evidence in the book and if ideas are found elsewhere they MUST BE paraphrased and cited. If they are not, that will count as PLAGIARISM.
  • Your quotes should not be no longer than 1-2 sentences each.
  • Paraphrasing rule of thumb: no more than 2 words should be the same with an indirect quote
  • Use transitions / linking words to introduce your idea, evidence and to link them together
  • Please ask any questions ❣