ICT120 Introduction To Computer Networks Assessment

ICT120 Introduction To Computer Networks Assessment

ICT120 Introduction To Computer Networks Assessment


You are a member of the network planning team, and need to write a formal business management report to explain your solutions and recommendations about the future network infrastructure for TTC.
Your target audience is executive business people, who have extensive business experience but limited ICT knowledge. They would like to be informed as to how your solutions may be beneficial to their business. Therefore, the report needs to recommend the telecommunications and networking technologies to be used in terms of business benefit. You may need to compare your recommendation with other available technologies.



Technology Training Company is has been effectively offering training programmes based on technology to the private business organisations, government establishments and the general public for about ten years. TTC headquarters is situated at Brisbane and its branches is based on Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. The company has enlarged its business systems and IT network.

The training that are offered by TTC is online self-paced programmes and also face-face training. Despite the fact their training programmes are professional, the company is still experiencing low performance on their operational processes which has influence the company negative. Because of this the company intends to restructure TTC’s information technology infrastructure. There is need to undertake a fresh design for the IT infrastructure, specifically the networking, is very crucial in maintaining the company ability to be feasible and persistent in a competitive market.  Designing the network infrastructure would be vital in resolving the existing problems and will also enable and support future growth and development of TTC. A reliable network infrastructure of the company should be in a position to connect all devices, branches offices and staff.

Network infrastructure comprises of a hardware as well as a software resources of a whole network that would enhance network connectivity, operations, communication and management of the TTC network. It will provide communication pathway and services among users, applications, processes. Services and the internet (Govindan, Minei, Kallahalla, Koley,Vahdat, 2016).

Network convergence is the provision of video, data and telephone communication services in a single network, In this case one company will provide services for all categories of communication. Convergence is driven primarily by technology development and demand. Users of the network convergence can easily access variety of services and select among many existing service providers. Convergence will enable service providers to implement modern business models, give innovative services, and gain entrance to the new market.

Unified communication on the other hand is a business and promotion concept that describe the integration of business communication services like instant messaging, present information, voice communication, mobility features, audio communication and video conferencing, desktop and data sharing, speech recognition and call control. Unified communication is a set of products that give a steady integrated user experience and user interface that cut across many media types and devices. Unified communication will allow the TTC to convey a message on the medium and receive it on another channel or medium. For instance the company may receive an e-mail message and may choose to retrieve it through a voicemail. When the TTC will be online and it sytem accepts calls, the reply would be sent through video call or through text or chats. Otherwise if the company would be offline the message may be accessed via many media.

Local area network is a computer network which connects computers that exist within a limited area like residence, university campus, laboratory buildings or office building. WIFI and Ethernet are the common technologies that are used in LAN.

TTC should use structured cabling system. The structured cabling is known as data and voice cabling or simply the use of Cat 5 or Cat 6 cables. This would be the wiring system that will connect the company’s main office and it branches. This would give enable a good infrastructure for the TTC computer networks and other devices and applications around the main office and its branches.

Any communication media that, equipment or a multi-media application which may reside on a network is likely to link to the cabling system.

In Structure Cabling System each socket will be wired back on its individual cabinet and dedicated to Central Data Cabinet whereby all cables are terminated, although the cables may be connected via other covering cabinet inside larger buildings.

The data cabinet will be use mostly to keep Telephone System and Network switches, as well as many other hardware like Broadband Routers, Ups servers etc (Robson, 2018)

WAN Connection For The Head Office And Branches

TTC have communication problem to its branches because they lack a reliable and efficient communication channel, this is because the company staff at the branch are not physically present at the head office and hence they miss out crucial information and they might feel very isolated from the company. Effective communication between the main office and branch is very important and must not be taken for granted.

VPN is a protected private connection that is established from a public network like the internet. This type of network is cheaper than a wide area network. This will help the company to transfer information much faster, it will only require the branch offices to have a single internet connectivity.

The speed and the reliability of the VPN is reliant on broadband connection it works, so the company would need to invest in a broadband that offer high quality of service.

If the branch offices will have more endpoints the use of VPN will be inappropriate and therefore, Branch gateway would be suitable for this case. This is a type of connection that will give a wide area network interface between the head office and the branches. It will give access to the organization’s corporate platforms. The branch network will offer more benefits though it might be costly to lay down and maintain.

This is a short form for ‘Voice over Internet Protocol’ this is a type of software and software which will enable TTC to utilize the internet as a communication mode for telephone calls by conveying voice data inform of packets by the use of IP rather than by outdated circuit transmission (Haigh, Exton, Ronan, 2018).

This is an information system that is available on the internet which enable interconnection       documents by the use of hypertext links. This enables the TTC staff and clients to search information by clicking on one document to another. The WWW will be suitable for the company because it will be able to communicate in many ways like electronic mail (Wackett, 2018).

This is a private network which would be located with the TTC. It will consist of many Interlinked LAN and also utilized leased lines in the WAN. In other words, the intranet will involve a connection via one or more than one access computers to the external internet. This type of network will be only accessible by TTC staff. The information that would be available to in the intranet in most cases will not be found in the public internet (Yang, Hong & Guo, 2018,).

ICT120 Introduction To Computer Networks Assessment