ICT120 Introduction To Computer Networks Assignment

ICT120 Introduction To Computer Networks Assignment

ICT120 Introduction To Computer Networks Assignment

ICT120 Introduction To Computer Networks Assignment


Assignment Task
You are a member of the network planning team, and need to write a formal business management report to explain your solutions and recommendations about the future network infrastructure for EZY-Books.
Your target audience is executive business people, who have extensive business experience but limited ICT knowledge. They would like to be informed as to how your solutions may be beneficial to their business. Therefore, the report needs to recommend the telecommunications and networking technologies to be used in terms of business benefit. You may need to compare your recommendation with other available technologies.

Specifically, you should discuss possible solutions for the following 3 topics in the report.

1. Network Infrastructure
1) Network convergence and unified communications
2) LAN types
3) Cabling plan for the head office and branches, including transmission media and connecting devices
4) WAN connection for the head office and branches
2. Networked Services Propose to deploy 4 types of network services. Candidates can be, but not limited to, VOIP, WWW, Intranet, Extranet, and Email.
3. Data Processing Facilities
1) 3.1 Data storage solution. Candidates can be, but not limited to, data centre,
SAN, Cloud, and distributed database.
2) 3.2 Data processing model. Candidates can be, but not limited to, C/S and P2P.



Smooth and reliable communication is significant for companies to realize economical routine operations.  There is need to provide seamless communication between EZY –Books headquarters and the branch offices. A lot of time and resources are wasted in the traditional way of storing information and data.  It is quite worth noting that there are higher chances of losing locally stored data. Data and information is a vital resource for any organization and there is need to store and have a reliable back up. EZY need a centralized file server for faster access of data and reliable back up preferably on the cloud.

A rebuild and integration of Information technology in the publishing company is unavoidable to ensure better service delivery to the esteemed customers.  Customers need a better experience in submission of their orders and tracking the status for the same. Customers need to be contented with the service they get from the company so that they remain loyal to the publishing company. Automation of the company operations is necessary in order to remain relevant in the current dynamic market. There is need to perform a complete overhaul of the network to support the current operations within the company and support future possible growth of the firm.

EZY company is a medium sized company which entails digital communication with data, voice and data.  Communication is key to run the daily routine of the company and ensure business continuity.  Therefore, the company should adopt a properly designed LAN which crucial requirement for conducting business.

Convergence And Unified Communications

Unified communications will seek to simplify and integrate voice and text as the major forms of communication in EZY organization. The company has been using separate equipment, wiring and personnel to enable operation and maintain voice and data networks. Such architecture is costly to build and maintain and EZY has been incurring losses.  It is hard for the various networks with the headquarters and the branches. The company need to consider use of Voice over IP which is delivered in digital form as packets of data. It will save much revenue in future as it is free as users have internet access allowing them avoid charges that comes with ordinary phone lines.

EZY need to establish a central call center which should be based at the headquarters. Other centers need to be located at the branch offices for a better interaction with the customers. Converged network will give EZY options that had previously not existed. The company will incur lower cost of implementation and management.

A switched LAN architecture will be useful in satisfying the needs of the business and the company plans are more successful in a hierarchical design.  A hierarchical network is quite manageable and the company will find it easier to expand in future. Problems arising within the network can be easily and reliably dealt with (Boyd, 2016 pp. 65).  The switched LAN approach will involve dividing the network into separate layers whereby each layer offers specific function which explains its role in the entire network. Devices like Pcs, printers and IP phones will be found in the access layer. The network will also have switches, routers, bridges and hubs at this layer. The layer offers means of connecting devices to network and controlling those that should be allowed to communicate on the network.

The management need to choose proper design for optical-fiber cabling plan.  Optical fiber cable has a higher bandwidth and it a powerful telecommunications medium offering support to voice, data and video and even sensor applications.  EZY will be dealing with voice and, data and video and the main aim is to boost customer experience through effective service delivery(Oliviero and Woodward, 2014 pp. 45).  There is need for the company to consider optic fiber which is an effective media to ensure there is proper connectivity that is designed into the system.  EZY will be best suited for structured cabling which uses hierarchical start topology which can offer communication system that can support all topologies. Fiber applications will be best suited for this role because it supports point-to-point, star, ring and bus topologies.  The company will find it easier to implement physical star cabling [as recommended by international standards.  For the case of EZY publishers, the optical fiber star topology supports the different requirements of the structured cabling of the entire company.  The main objective of the cabling is to ensure that there is reliability and dependability of data and shared resources in the publishing company.  Redundant routing will be adopted in an effort to provide protection from system downtime. A centralized optic-fiber cabling is a better alternative to be used as the solution will be intended to support centralized electronics.   Fiber-optic network management is simplified and it enables an efficient use of orts and easy establishment of work-group networks. Centralized cabling within the Headquarters and the branches will provide direct connections from work areas by allowing pull-through cables.

WAN Connection

EZY-Books will need path diversity and will basically have several transport networks that support multi-region WAN.  The company should migrate to hybrid access scheme which can meet the current business requirements. The company need to go for premium WAN connections which offer less-expensive transport to meet the ever growing traffic demands at lower costs. For, fast branch office deployment, the company need to consider cellular 3G/4G LTE connectivity.  The company need to deploy transport-independent WAN model that is single, an d which can be used over any type of WAN transport.

EZY is using the traditional WAN and there is need to evolve its WAN for better service delivery. Within then existing concept of the traditional WAN there are options that are relative to the organizations WAN topology, applications and objectives. There is need for the EZY publishers to modernize its WAN for mobility, cloud and Internet of things(IoT)(Nema and Cota-Robles, 2016). EZY need to adopt mobile-cloud world where more applications can be hosted in various areas. Applications may also be distributed across private data centers which need more data transfer over the Wide Area Network (WAN).  There is need to enable users and customers for EZY-Books access data information from any device and this ensures convenience.

For EZY-Books to remain relevant in the market there is need to modernize its WAN to address mobility issues and cloud. Migration to hybrid WAN will require building transport-independent architecture that will enables business to connect multiple access networks. Such an approach will ensure that relay of data and information within the headquarters and the branch offices will be faster and more efficient. There is need also to offer protection and optimize application performance in order to improve application experience. The WAN structure need to be designed to elevate security at the branch offices and provide infrastructure that quickly expand business and ensure reliability. It is quite important to promote great automation and orchestration by adopting software-based controller which abstracts network elements and allow IT to implement policies with less resources.

Networked Services

EZY-Books has to consider networking some of the common services to reduce on cost and offer services. Data networks are more viable to support various services and converging networks is the new concept that is gaining popularity in the market. It is time for EZY-Books to consider strategies that will work best for it within the existing infrastructure and that which will support future expansion of the business.

Implementation of IP telephony will help EZY-Books bypass long distance toll charges which are as a result of inter-office calls within the company.  The company will save a lot on the off-network calls within the enterprise and replace costly Private Branch Exchanges (PBXS) that only serve a few customers in the branch offices(Ramachandran et al., 2012 ).  The PBXs are known to be quite expensive to maintain as compared to the IP phones. Deployment of IP telephony will be a major milestone for the company. The organization will need to put the VOIP on the WAN because converging voice and data will be the most appropriate approach.  VoIP on the WAN will depict the real advantages of toll bypass.

The company will save on costs especially for long distance phone calls. There will be a need to have VoIP gateway which will be necessary for transmission over the IP-based WAN. EZY –Books has to make the choices on how the phones will be configured at the desktop and their connection to the network.  In order to lower costs of installation, it is advisable we daisy-chain desktop PC to the IP phones by basically sharing the network switch port and cable. This connection assists in rapid deployment and it facilitates maintenance.  A call server need to designated at the headquarters. The call server need to have a distributed backup server throughout the network.  The call servers will be responsible in the management of features and dial plans of phones and all call-setup and call-hand off.

ICT120 Introduction To Computer Networks Assignment