ICT120 Introduction To Computer Networks Method

ICT120 Introduction To Computer Networks Method

ICT120 Introduction To Computer Networks Method


Assignment Task
You are a member of the network planning team, and need to write a formal business management report to explain your solutions and recommendations about the future network infrastructure for TTC.
Your target audience is executive business people, who have extensive business experience but limited ICT knowledge. They would like to be informed as to how your solutions may be beneficial to their business. Therefore, the report needs to recommend the telecommunications and networking technologies to be used in terms of business benefit. You may need to compare your recommendation with other available technologies.



The technology training company is an information technology company that provide the training based courses to the government authorities, private companies and the general public. The head office of this organization is in Brisbane, and a branch office in Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth. The poor performance and operational performance both are very common issues faced by the TTC Company which impact on their performance and efficiency. This report objective is to understand the issues faced by the TTC and design an advanced network infrastructure to meet the requirements of the company and enhance their performance. This report is categorized into main three parts, for example, network infrastructure, networked services, and data processing facilities. This report will recommend the networks and telecommunication technologies used for improving business benefits. ICT120 Introduction To Computer Networks Method

This section of the report will discuss the network infrastructure and types of communication networks, cables, and transmission media. According to the complaints from the consumers and staff, the TTC executives are aware of different kinds of issues for which they decided to resign the information technology infrastructure.

Network Convergence And Unified Communication

Term network convergence defined as the technology which is used for data communication within the single network and TTC can adopt the network b convergence technique to provide the wide range of services to their clients and consumers. Moreover, such kind of technique can allow TTC organisation to adopt the advanced business models, and enter into new markets. Cisco network convergence system 600 is one of the advanced network convergence that provides a way for companies to enable superior network agility, petabits per second system scale and packet optical convergence. Such kind of technology can be used for this company because it also supports the programmability and virtualization at a low cost.

TTC Company is an information technology organization which provides training based services across the world for which they can use unified communication technology. Such kind of technology provides a platform to the TTC and other business industries for enabling the instant messaging, voice chat and presence information by which they can easily communicate with their clients and stakeholders. It also provides the data sharing process, call control, desktop sharing and other features which can help TTC to improve their communication with clients.

LAN is defined as the local area network which is one of the common types of network technology which can be used for the TTC Company because it is very fast and more reliable network. The WLAN types of LAN network can be adopted for this company because it communicates with numbers of clients in a day and it also requires to communicate with their headquarter and head offices (Neves, Soares, and Sargento, 2009). WLAN is a wireless local area network which is more scalable, capable and able to communicate with both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz devices. There are many advantages of this network, for example, large mobility, faster in speed, the range of coverage, very easy to install and implement and TTC can easily perform their operations in the business.

There are many types of cables available in the market such as UPT, STP, coaxial cable and fibre optic cable. In which fibre optic cable is one of the best cables which can be used for communication purpose (Keiser, 2008). Fibre optic cable can be used as a transmission media that has potential to improve security and speed of the data communication and it can be used to interconnect the head office with the branches through wireless connecting devices like WLAN, WWAN, and WPAN (Richardson, Fini, and Nelson, 2013). Where these connecting devices are connected with the transmission media for communication purpose and TTC can easily communicate with their other branches and clients. The main advantage of the wireless device is that Company can send and receive data over long distance and it can be used for the head office to transmit data or information from one location to another.

WAN Connection

WAN refer as wide area network which is a part of a network that extends over a huge geographical distance. Wide area network can be adopted for TTC organization because it requires for connecting their head office with branches. WAN has the potential to transfer data over long distance and it provides communication over a huge area like country, city and other (Ramamurthy, 2012). There are several benefits of this network technology such as large data speed, improve the security of data, improve operations of the head office and also satisfy clients and staffs by increasing data speed.

There are major five kinds of network services used in the information technology which are the following:

  • VOIP
  • WWW
  • Internet
  • Extranet
  • Email

VOIP is defined as the voice over internet protocol which is used for transmission of the data and information. This technology is deployed for the TTC organization because they communicate with their clients and branch. Such kind of network interconnects the private branch exchange with the IP telephony and it uses the local area networks to provide the voice communication (Thirunavukkarasu, and Karthikeyan, 2014). Such kind of technology uses the codecs to encapsulate audio into information packets and share these packets across the internet protocol networks. The main benefit of this network is that it reduces the overall cost of the network infrastructure by which TTC can involve this technique in their IT network. The VOIP also allow TTC organization to operate a single voice and data network and ITU is very best codecs which are used to transfer the uncompressed packets.

It is defined as the World Wide Web which is a part of a network that formatted in the HTML and accesses with the help of HTTP server. In TTC organization this technology can be used to interlink the HTML pages which can be accessed over the internet connectivity. With the help of these networks, an organization can share data or information with their clients and another branch that can help for improving their business benefits. There are many advantages of WWW for example; help individuals, update consumers and companies on a regular basis and organization can easily interconnect with their clients.

The Internet is one of the common networks which are used by many companies to connect their networks with their physical devices. TTC is an organization that provides the training based services for which they require the internet connectivity to interconnect their networks with the clients and other Companies. Such kind of networks uses the internet protocol suite to connect physical devices with each other and it carries the vast range of information services like inter-linked hypertext and applications of the WWW, E-mail, and file transfer. The major benefit of this network is that TTC organization can connect their operations with branches and head office and they can communicate with clients more effectively.

An extranet refers as the private network which allows access to vendors, partners and an authorized set of consumers. Mainly, it uses internet technology and public communication process to transfer information with partners, consumers, and suppliers. TTC organization can adopt this technology in their IT infrastructure because it is more secure networks that have the ability to extend the users and suppliers outside the organization. It is also defined as the state of mind in which the internet is perceived as the process to do business with another organization and sell products with their consumers. For security purpose, TTC organization can involve the firewall and encryption technology which are also used by the Extranet to avoid the traffic and viruses from the networks and enhance the performance of the communication system. TTC organization can involve the extranet network to exchange huge volumes of information with the help of EDI, collaborate with other business industries on joint development efforts and transfer relevant information of common interest exclusively with partner companies. The main advantages of these networks are that it interconnects suppliers, stakeholders and other companies with each other by which TTC can adapt this technique to improve business benefits.

Email is the method of exchanging information between individuals with the help of electronic devices (Baskaran, 2009).

ICT120 Introduction To Computer Networks Method