identify an area in your current or a prior workplace that would benefit from a research study

The signature assignment for this course is an 8-10 page research proposal in APA format (excluding cover page and references). I suggest making this a working paper, which means working on a portion of it each week in conjunction with the learning materials presented in each module. During week eight (8), you will submit your final proposal. Identify an area in your current (or a prior) workplace that would benefit from a research study (you can use your response from Module 2: Discussion 1). The paper should describe in detail a hypothetical experiment that you could feasibly carry out in the organization. The paper needs to include the following elements: 1. Cover page with a relevant title 2. Introduction: The introduction is your opportunity to introduce readers to the subject matter being studied, background on the topic, and why it is important to study. Elements to include are: a. Briefly describe the organization b. Statement of Problem, Purpose of Research, and Significance of Research c. Literature Review- Discussion of work done by others on the topic; should clearly explain how your proposal will build upon the current research. 3. Proposed Methods: a. Describe the participants, procedures, materials (you will not conduct the experiment) b. Identify the Research Method to use c. Describe variables and how they will be measured 4. Proposed Results: Provide anticipated results (numbers will be made up but should be feasible). For example, 51% of male employees….. 5. Discussion: Discuss implications based on the proposed results, limitations that your study may face, and future suggestions for additional research in the field. 1 / 3 6. Reference page with a minimum of 4-6 academic sources Writing expectations include competency in the following: ? Sentence Structure ? Verb Tense and Agreement ? Pronoun Use ? Possessive Use ? Punctuation ? Spelling ? Focus and Organization ? Thesis Statement & Conclusion Paper Requirement: ? Must be double-spaced with 1-inch margins and typed in 12-point Times New Roman. ? Your Essay should have a Cover Page and Reference Page. ? Essays should be proofread for spelling and grammar mistakes. ? Essays should be in APA style. ? You must cite all texts used, including page numbers to avoid plagiarism. 2 / 3 If you do not turn in your assignment before the deadline, points may be deducted from your score for tardiness.