Identify and explain the political label

Identify and explain the political label Identify and explain the political label that best describes you Explain the nature and structure of the political system of government you would recommend as an advisor to Iraq. Pretend that you are an American advisor to a country that is seeking to free itself of a dictatorship (totalitarian) government. Freed from this governmental control, the people are beginning to explore and participate in new and different activities allowed by this new found freedom. However, the people have significantly different religious (including secular / anti-religious) and political values, and are organized into several different sects, some of whom are utilizing their freedom to insight political turmoil to gain control of this new society and to suppress competing viewpoints and/or require equality among all people. . It is generally agreed that the primary goal is to promote freedom and democracy in this new society. Yet, some sort of social order should be created. What sort of political system would you recommend under these circumstances? Why? How would you ensure that the system preserve itself in the years to come? In your discussions this week, please feel free to engage in political debate. I am not looking for a specific textbook answer. Similarly, there is not a right or wrong answer. Rather, I want to see you thinking about the political ideas that frame our structure of government, and the government you would establish. (You are encouraged to be creative an inventive without limitation to any specific ideology or textbook answer. Please feel free to think out of the box.) Please follow all the instructions.

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