identify the problems that ticketmaster was facing using cause and effect analysis what were the symptomatic effects what were the underlying causes

Read Case # 7 in the textbook, page 469 on Ticketmaster – Making Better Decisions, and answer the following questions:

1. Identify the problems that Ticketmaster was facing, using cause and effect analysis. What were the Symptomatic Effects? What were the Underlying Causes?

2. What process(es) did Nathan Hubbard use to Generate Alternatives? What alternatives were available to Mr. Hubbard? What types of Uncertainty did he experience?

3. How did Mr. Hubbard select his most desirable alternative? Describe which type of Decision Making he used, and explain your findings.

4. Were the recent decisions that Mr. Hubbard made effective, according to the concepts in Chapter 7 – Decision Making? Explain your response.