idiom photography project 2

Choose 10 idioms. Please keep in mind that you cannot use the idioms that are in the notes, or the idioms from the example project. (See at bottom of page.)

For each idiom, you must take an original photograph that somehow demonstrates the idiom. For example, let’s say you used the idiom “Head in the Clouds.” You could take a photograph of you or someone else outside on a cloudy day, with an emphasis on the person’s head with clouds in the background.

For the 10 idioms, you must provide 10 photographs. Please note that you do not have to use an expensive camera for these photos – you can if you’d like, but a cell phone will do just fine as well.

Each photograph should follow at least one rule of composition that is discussed in the notes – rule of thirds, leading lines, or an interesting angle. (Please see the notes titled “Photojournalism” at the top of this page if you need to go back and look at any compositions. You are more than welcome to have multiple compositions in a photograph.)

After you have your idioms and photographs complete, you will put together a powerpoint presentation to submit onto Canvas. In your presentation, be sure to include the idiom, definition of the idiom, and the rule of composition on the slide with each picture.

The idioms, photographs, and how you present your powerpoint are completely up to you. This is a chance to get creative. To see more detailed instructions and the breakdown of how this project will be graded, please refer back to your “Photojournalism” notes.