information assurance and governance risk analysis mitigation on private cyber security provider

# Word count(3,900-4,200) excluiding title page.table of contents,refernces,appendices.


-> The nature of the brief/commission and the topic should be briefly outlined and defined alongside details of how the paper is organised


Executive Summary

Challenges for CCC

Using Standards

Selecting Standards

Implementing Standards Frameworks

Risk Management

Assessing Risk

Current Risks, Vulnerabilities, Threats, and Hazards

Risk Management in Action – An Example

Assurance and Certification

Organisational Structure Considerations

Ransomware and Service Improvement Plan (SIP)

Future Risk and Assurance Challenges


Acronyms and Abbreviations


Note :- please make sure you use ISO, ISMS, IG(information Governance

The company is closed so we cant find in google.By assumptions we supposed to write.Its a fictious company