Integrative Theories Paper

The Integrative Personal Theory Paper serves as the Taskstream assignment for this course. All students must upload the Taskstream assignment onto their efolios. For those assignments marked as “Limited”, students will be given one opportunity to remediate the assignment to a Proficient. Failure to upload the assignment and remediate if a “Limited” is received will result in an” Incomplete” or an “F” in the course based on the School of Education and Human Development Taskstream Policy. Remediation and Taskstream upload, if needed, must be completed by the last day of the course. The scoring rubric for the artifact aspect of this assignment will be based on how thoroughly you covered the parameters offered in the syllabus for this project. You will receive points for the class based on the grading criteria listed in the syllabus. The points offered herein apply to how the artifact will be rated. CACREP 2016 standards, FLDOE Florida Educator Accomplished Practices (FEAPS), and FLDOE 22nd edition of the Subject Area (Guidance and Counseling) Competencies and Skills will be addressed in this assignment. Students will write a 5-8 page, double-spaced, APA (6th Edition) style paper that articulates their personal, theoretical, orientation (approach) to counseling and psychotherapy. The approach you articulate would be one that you would feel comfortable using as a future counseling practitioner. The paper should cover the following aspects: Key concepts of your approach View of your role as a counselor View of the client’s role in counseling Therapeutic goals and how you would decide upon these goals Relationship issues you are likely to consider Primary techniques you are likely to incorporate How you would address issues of cultural diversity Ethical and legal issues you would need to consider as a beginning counselor As you develop and write about your theoretical counseling approach integrate as many concepts and techniques as you can, based on two or more of the counseling models you have learned in class. Choose two or three theories and indicate how you would integrate techniques from these approaches. Be sure to indicate why you have selected those theories in particular for your personal style of helping. Explain the elements of the theories you are especially drawn to and why. References used to substantiate the information provided must be cited in text and placed in the Reference Section in APA 6th edition style.