International Business Management

International Business Management Paper instructions: Analyse your own organisation (please take Clariant, chemical speciality company) in terms of issues relating to International business in one or more than one markets. The assignment should use a variety of models and perspectives / theories within your chosen topic as a part of your analysis My proposal would be to write on Cross-cultural differences and styles of management and international operations and business strategy or global human resources (but i leave this to you as you are the expert ) Please try to follow the following structure : Introduction : 200 words “ context “ purpose of studying this topic “ aim and objective of assignment Methodology “ 200 words Case descriptive “ 100 words “ Description of company “ Context Literature review “ 700 words “ context “ culture “ change “ structure Analysis “ 1400 words “ company’s culture “ change “ structure influencing the ability to change Conclusion “ Recommendation for each analysis References : Please use maximum Journal and then books Also note the assignment would go for Turnitin

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