Internet of things in education.

 Description IEEE LATEX TEMPLATE Task 1: Write a short paper In this task, you are asked to write your own paper. Your paper could be a short version of what you are already doing in your proposal or a complete modified version of another paper already published in your research area. Your paper can have up to 3 pages consists all sections required for a conference paper, slightly lighter however. It is suggested that your article be organised as follows: 1) Paper Title, author name and affiliation (0.25 page) 2) Abstract (0.5 column = 0.25 page) 3) Introduction, and contribution (1 column = 0.5 page) 4) Problem Statement (0.5-1 column = 0.25-0.5 page) 5) Algorithm/Solution (0.5 page) 6) Results, discussion and Analysis (0.5 page) 7) Conclusion (0.5 column = 0.25 page) 8) References (0.5 page)