Internet of Things-Smart Home

Internet of Things-Smart Home Sources (references should be journals, white papers) NO BOOKS Literature review “ you should not just report past works or technologies, you need to critically review them, describe very clearly how from what you learnt led you to your own project design Discussions “ you need to be critical in your discussion Conclusions (summary of findings) + recommendations / future works References “ IEEE STYLE!!! The whole work, the critical review should be on the smart homenot the Internet of things as this I already have. The techniques used, the connection and communication techniques and review the boards used against the boards, which I will be using which are: 1) A Teensy board and an Ada fruit CC3000 board, advantage is that teensy has got a powerful 32 bit ARM processor. Disadvantage an external Wifi therefore the circuit will be a bit scattered and not very ideal for Smart home applications at it requires very small devices. Adafruit CC3000 WiFi Breakout with Onboard Ceramic Antenna

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