internship homework


The purpose of a Professional Portfolio is to best prepare you to market yourself to employers. This assignment may be one of the most beneficial tools you can utilize when prepping, applying and interviewing for jobs. You can support what you tell an employer in an interview with items from your portfolio. As you elaborate on specific tasks, projects or skills, you can refer back to this portfolio. Think of your internship portfolio as a collection of materials that thoroughly document your accomplished work as well as the knowledge and skills you acquired in your role as an intern.

Your final needs to include the following 4 parts (documents):

  1. An example of something concrete you contributed to at your internship workplace. For example, if you collaborated in developing an electronic newsletter, you could provide a copy of it and a short explanation of your contribution. If you cannot access a copy of something you produced, write a description of a particular project or service you were involved with and the skills you honed in your internship (this can be a short paper: 300-500 words)
  2. A Critical Reflection can be considered a partner document adding to your Professional Portfolio. It reflects your learning during your internship. This could include challenges, opportunities, and reflections on the overall experience. Make connections from your academic experiences and how they had an impact on your internship experience. This part is an opportunity for you to think in-depth about your experience and begin practicing how you will articular to others, especially future employers, your personal and professional growth in this role. Your reflection papers may be useful sources for this paper (1000 – 2000 words). Your Critical Reflection should:
  • Connect your work experiences with your knowledge (i.e. reflect on personal, academic and career goals)
  • Record your intellectual, personal and professional growth
  • How did the professional development assignment influence your academic and career aspirations?
  • Over the length of the internship, how did you manage to address your weaknesses? Hone in on your strengths? And, in what particular projects/tasks were you effective with such management?
  • Moving forward, how will you utilize these critical understandings to succeed in your professional field?