interpersonal conflict 2


Learning how to resolve conflict is a skill that requires both self-awareness and other-awareness. For this assignment, create a presentation in which you share a story about an experience where you were involved in an interpersonal conflict with another individual. As part of your presentation, explain how communication behaviors and individual differences contributed to this conflict, and recommend a strategy for resolving similar conflicts in the future. Remember, while conflict is emotional, your presentation should be professional and academic. You are telling an objective story that occurred in the past.

First, create an outline in which you organize your thoughts. Use this outline to record a 3–4 minute narrative, using Kaltura or another presentation tool. Upload both the outline and the presentation (or a link to it) to the assignment area.

Include the following in your presentation:

  • Define the conflict in your own words.
  • Describe communication behaviors that led to this conflict.
  • Explain how communication behaviors affect interpersonal relationships.
  • Explain how individual differences contribute to interpersonal conflict.
  • Present coherently to support a central idea.