interview summary 3

summarize this interview in one or two paragrah.

I interviewed an employee throw an email working in a logistic company and send him these questions and this his repy

How does Search Engine Optimization affect company’s successful operation and what are the three search engines you would introduce to a business that you manage as the head operation manager?

2.Name one company that uses search engine in its daily operation and transaction.

Many managers globally have recommended online trading platform. One of the most efficient and effective opening of Facebook account. Facebook account markets the products sold by a particular firm. Social Media has recently been used to transact as companies like Amazon uses Facebook to market their products. Buyers and sellers meet purely on such platforms and transact online. Buyers inquire about the price and can do reviews regarding the use of the previously purchased items. Sellers, for example, Amazon, on the other side, can reply to the inquiries at a time reaching huge customers (Tsuei, Tsai, Pan & Tzeng, 2020). This helps to lower the marketing costs incurred in advertising and handling individual customers. Other platforms include twitter and Instagram that enables picture uploads and customer follow-ups. Customers can view the posts made by the sellers and order for the purchase of such goods. These platforms create a significant market share, increasing sales volume.

Another effective marketing strategy recommended globally by experts is employing search engine optimization (SEO). Amazon Company can make its site visible in the various search engines to gain and enjoy more customers’ visit from the multiple individuals looking for the commodities offered by the company and at respective price levels.

This strategy is essential, timeless and effective as it helps to solve the domain related problems such us error and reduced cybercrimes on the company’s platform. Such an approach maintains and corrects the error detected or developed on the company link. This increases customer satisfaction, thereby increase in the taste and interest of the customer on the goods supplied by the firm (Veglis & Giomelakis, 2020). Increased customer satisfaction and taste bring the positive reputation of the company. This increases their sales volume and productivity in the market as well as profitability increments.

The third strategy recommended by the managers and company executive is the use of electronic mailing (Email). This approach is recommendable as different recipients can be sent similar information and replies be found instant. This makes the company carry out some simple research about the products quality they provide and the views of the customers regarding their services and commodities. Email marketing is regarded to be the best form due to high privacy accompanied. Only the selected recipients get the sent information. This grants the management high control of information and as well as customer management (Veglis & Giomelakis, 2020).

3.What are the benefits that a company like Amazon would enjoy by using the three selected search engines?

These approaches are confirmed to be cheap and has outstanding potential for the possible ROI to the firms. The company can selectively choose the customers from the subscribers and engage simple information to intensify repeats of traffic.