Investment opportunities and risks in stock markets: A comparison between emerging and developed economies

¢ Setting the scene: why is your question relevant, interesting and/or important Literature review ¢ Identify several key texts which set the context and foundations for your proposal. ¢ Provide brief summaries. Identify common themes and points of difference. Research paradigm, methods and research questions ¢ Set out the research questions you will attempt to answer ¢ Set out and justify your approach/ paradigm ¢ Set out the method(s) you intend to apply Outline your expected data set and the methods you will use to analyse it ¢ Sample size, statistical tests ¢ Number and range of interviews to be undertaken ¢ Outline case study details ¢ Identify any potential problems and how you may respond, including contingency plans Ethical considerations 1. What you found relatively straightforward, what you found more difficult and reflections on the underlying reasons/causes 2. Specifically, you should reflect on the organisation of the module content and delivery and include some thoughts as to influence of the following on your learning: ? Your attendance at classes ? Your diligence in doing the set exercise ? Your consultation with your supervisor ? Your reading around the subject ? Your time management 3. The strategies you adopted for dealing with the difficulties you experienced. 4. A summary of the key lessons you have learnt and the impact you think they will have on your approach to full dissertation if you had your time again, what would you do differently?

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