Is it ethically sound to enter into a non sexual dual relationship with clients

As a human service professional in the 21 st century it is more important than ever to recognize boundaries. Often we will have a tendency to become attached to our clients and vested in their progress to heal from whatever issues they presented when seeking therapy. Ethical issues can arise from an overly invested therapist. It is human nature to feel empathy, yet we can sometimes cross boundaries if clear lines are drawn between our professional responsibilities and personal. I want to explore this topic in-depth to factor in both sides of the coin. Is it better to air on the side of caution and not enter into any other relationship with our clients other than a professional on? Or can we be more effective if we engage in multiple relationships with an individual we counsel? And what are the ethical ramifications from engaging in a relationship with our clients that step outside of a professional scope? I have formulated this essay title based on my reading of chapter 7 in the term book Text Book for term must be used as 1 of 5 sources for 6 pg. paper Textbook: Issues and Ethics in the Helping Profession (Eight Edition) Authors: Gerald Corey; Marianne Schneider Corey; Patrick Callanan