issues related to physician assisted suicide

issues related to physician assisted suicide.

Choose one current event from the news, and write a personal opinion/response to this event from an ethical perspective. Be sure to have a specific news article(s) to refer to in your paper! Include a citation (web site URL, etc.) to let me know where you found the article.

  • ●Describe the issue you have chosen to write about.
    • â—‹Who? What? When? Where? Why?
  • ●Then write about three possible ethical responses to the issue; each response should get an entire paragraph, so this part of your paper should be three paragraphs long. What are some questions, concerns, problems, challenges, etc. you see in your chosen issue?
  • ● What do you personally consider to be the most ethical response? Why? This should take up another paragraph. â—‹ Be sure to write about not only what you think but also why you believe what you do. The more detail, the better!
    ● Don’t forget to write a conclusion!

    Structure: The structure of your paper should follow this pattern:
    ● Paragraph 1 ~ Introduction: describe the issue you have selected
    ● Paragraph 2 ~ Possible ethical response #1
    ● Paragraph 3 ~ Possible ethical response #2
    ● Paragraph 4 ~ Possible ethical response #3
    ● Paragraph 5 ~ Your own personal ethical response
    ● Paragraph 6 ~ Conclusion: final thoughts about the issue

    Length: Your paper should end up being between 3 and 5 pages.

    Format: Please type your paper using 11 or 12 point font, and double-space the lines.

issues related to physician assisted suicide