ISY10212 Contemporary Issues In Information Technology


Task 1: Report

You are required to produce your own report on a topic area focusing on a contemporary issue in multimedia and Information Technology.

Your topic must be determined in consultation with your tutor to ensure content suitability and to avoid excessive duplication of content areas with your peers.

An extensive set of example topics will be made available mid-session, but you are encouraged to identify topic areas on your own initiative and to raise these with your tutor seeking authority to proceed. Topic areas selected on this basis should be of a narrow but detailed nature.

All students are encouraged to select a specialised (rather than general) topic area. It is anticipated that doing so will enable you to undertake detailed study in an area that:

• you hold intrinsic interest in

• has specific relevance and application to an aspect of your personal and/or professional life either currently or in the future

• you will find more motivating, and strive to achieve a higher quality product

• you will embrace, and experience higher levels of self-satisfaction

• you will gain greater generic knowledge, skills and attitudes regarding research and the production of reports.

The Report Task

You are required to produce your own topic report in response to your selected topic area.

The report will be about the impact of computers and information technology, including ethical implications, in a specific area of business, society or culture.



In today’s day and age, humans are looking for ways and techniques that can simplify their lives and get their chores done with much of an ease. This is one of the reasons that led human to the field of robotics and Artificial Intelligence. In the past 10 years, the world has witnessed the major evolution in the field of intelligence and robotics both of them are being used in various purposes in business as well as in individual life. In this report, a thorough discussion on the robotics and AI is done. Here, a basic understanding of the difference between AI and robotics is explained. In addition to this, impacts of AI and robotics on businesses and humans are outlined. Also, certain real-world case studies are also explained to develop better understanding. Moreover, pros and cons of the two fields are outlined. At last, the role of AI and robotics in the future is discussed.

Understanding of Robotics and AI

It has been seen that laymen in modern world use robotics and AI interchangeably. However, there is a lot of difference between the two fields. Talking about the Artificial Intelligence, it is one of the branches of computer science that is characterised by developing computer-based programs to carry out tasks and operations that would otherwise demand human intelligence (Ashrafian, 2015). The engineers programs AI algorithms for tackling perception, learning, language understanding, problem-solving, and logical reasoning. In fact, AI can be integrated with the robotic technology in order to control robots. AI is a part of machine learning, wherein algorithms are developed to make machines respond to a particular input. The AI-based machines mimic human intelligence (Ghahramani, 2015).